Monday, June 3, 2013

Yeah they're out there a 'havin' fun In that warm California sun

We drove the coast highway from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.  A two day adventure.
Here we are and it was hot outside.
Point Joe in Monterey, Ca was the site of many shipwrecks when the Spaniards tried to land. You can see why with all of these rocks.

There are many Missions to visit.

And after all that we need wine.
The one antique store Jill "let" me go into had a giant Art Deco piece I would love to have.
I was also loving this deco stand.
The beach in Santa Barbara has a lot of seaweed which I detest.  Not another sole on this beach enjoying the sun.  Only a few surfers.

People in Santa Barbara are rich, skinny and probably boring.
In the Big Sur area an awesome wooden sculpture.
Part of our drive was through the giant redwood forrest.

The coast line is amazing in it's diversity....ocean, forrest, farm lands with rolling hills, vineyards, etc.....

We stayed in Santa Barbara 5 days.  By this time I was getting homesick especially after spotting these fellows at a fresh produce market.

I don't have photos of everything we did.  A few things to mention...all the wine tasting FUN!  Carmel a great town to visit.

All in all it was a great adventure over 2000 miles by car.

But in the end.....THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!