Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Busier Than A Beaver

We all know that feeling when you are so busy & where has the time gone?

All of the following clothing was bought for 50 cents each!
What a bargain!

I was lucky to be the first at a local estate sale.

Vintage Samsonite Train Case

We have been on the longest move for my daughter to go back to college.  She rented a cute little cottage near campus.  But the place was filthy on the move-in we have been painting and cleaning.  For fun little breaks, I found a great thrift store where I bought the train case and other items.  Nothing better to cheer me up than to find bargains.
Also, I bought a huge collection of Barbies for resale.  A friend of mine that I have known since 7th grade and is a crazy Barbie collector contacted me as she wanted to thin her collection.  Some of them are pretty cool like the above Twist n Turn.  Other are the hideous 1980's princess type.  I don't know if it was a smart move or not....we'll see.