Thursday, May 30, 2013

Everything Is Here

San Francisco here we come!

First stop Fisherman's Wharf. 

San Fran is known for it's clam chowder bread bowls.
I had a delicious bloody mary to go with this meal.

We checked in to our hotel and this is looking down from the 20 floor.  The building across the street is The Sir Francis Drake Hotel, very fancy.

Built in the 1920's

We headed out to explore.  There are lots of beautiful shops.
I love this lamp.

It reminded me of being in New York City, but with the hillier streets.

Impressive Chinese architecture everywhere.

Old Cathedral from the 1800's

Wonderful market places.

Coffee break on the pier and sampling cheese.  No wonder I was constipated.

Original area with speakeasies, brothels, etc...

Now for the ultimate Italian dinner at E Tutto Qua (Everything is Here).  Appetizer Sea Scallops in a truffle sauce.  OH MY!  Sea Bass Entre'

So much fun!  I wish we had more time in San Francisco.  I would love to come back sometime, bring a truck to load up on gorgeous things.  I probably only explored 1/16th of the city.  People were so friendly and so many beautiful interesting things to see!!!

Next stop the Northern California Coast Line, Redwood Forrest, Wine Country.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thar's Gold In Them Thar Hills!

Destination from Vegas, LAKE TAHOE!

The drive was one of the most diverse scenery in Nevada.
Everything from dessert, gold mined out mountains, snow capped enormous peaks in the background, rich green ranch lands and then mountain passes to the beautiful forested Lake Tahoe.

Strange sitings in the dessert.
Jill hates clowns so I made her drive by this creepy Motel.
There is a huge lake in the background.  I didn't see one living thing.  No ducks, birds or people.   I googled to see what the problem was.  It's called Walker Lake and it is a natural lake fed by snow melt.  But there are mineral deposits from the surrounding hills that are killing the fish.

We passed several ghost towns which were boomtowns in the early 1900's when gold was discovered.  Town with names like Goldfield, Mineral, etc.... now have collapsed buildings and mountains in the background scarred with mining.

Another interesting place we passed SHADY LADY RANCH.  It is a legal brothel/prostitution house.  I can't believe men drive all the way out to the middle of nowhere to get laid!

Once you get through the dessert, you come across the greenest ranch lands with a winding river.  Picture the Ponderosa on BONANZA.

Then up through a gorgeous pine covered mountain and into the Lake Tahoe area.

We arrived in the early evening.  Our Hotel was set at the base of a mountain right by the gondola.  We both wanted to ride up the mountain in the morning.  Unfortunately, it was closed down for repairs and getting ready for the big Memorial Day opening!  Come to find out....almost everything was closed down for remodel, repairs, etc for the coming season.  Literally, benches were roped off, railings wet with paint, carpets being replaced.  We walked around looking for a decent restaurant and everything was closed.  Luckily, the Nevada and California border was just a few steps away.  On the Nevada side were 2 casinos so that's where we spent the evening.
The next day we found out there was one boat tour of the lake.  Luckily I brought my London Fog.  It was so cold on deck and at one point snow flurries!

The above photo shows VIKING MANSION built in the 1920's in the Emerald Cove.
So that's my brief tour of Lake Tahoe.  Would I recommend?  Yes, but make sure you check the schedule for closures.

Next stop...........SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Back! The Fog Has Lifted, The Earth Has Shifted

 Day One
Heading to our first destination...Las Vegas!!!
Along the "strip" are many little chapels for quickie weddings.  

Elvis impersonator

Couldn't resist taking a photo of this pirate with enormous ta-ta's.
Jill's favorite place to eat in Vegas is Bouchon with famous chef Thomas Keller.  

We sent this photo to all her chef friends to make them jealous.
Bouchon is located in The Venetian which in itself is a piece of art.

I forgot my camera, so these were taken with my phone & don't do the place justice.

With the most beautiful ceilings.

There was of course gambling (I like video poker & Jill plays the tables), lots of cocktails and laughs.

You know the saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", well this applies to us also...a couple of things we won't talk about!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

On The Road Again

Tuesday morning I leave for a 2 week road trip with my sister Jill.  We will be traveling over 2000 miles.  From my house in northern Arizona, first stop Las Vegas.
We will stay in Las Vegas for one night then head to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego then back to her house in Phoenix.

I have been packing and unpacking all day.  Trying to figure out clothes for hot desert temperatures and cool mountain or ocean breezes.

I'll post pictures along the way.  

I hope I don't miss to many exciting blog posts.  XXX

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Do you ever have those kind of days when you just piddle around the house and yard not really accomplishing anything?  Well that's me today.  So I was just walking around thinking about how things come and go in my house (for resale) but many items are here for the long-haul.....
 I use these dog doorstops everyday, propping the door so the cats can go in and out.

My favorite mesh and beaded bags, I love the Deco Era!

 Henri G. Reynard Litho

Art Deco bookend, I only have one. 

Maxfield Parrish Litho "Garden of Allah" 

Unique Oriental box

Buddha, barber bottle, snuff bottle, etc.

Weller vase, Owl shot glass, the lady is a figural gas cap!

This sculpted African head is one of my most favorite things.   Inspiration for my living room.

I spent hours outside walking around with the goats, then reading a book.

We had the fencing put in around the back the goats have 1/2 acre for browsing. 

I have the cutest yard boys!

Looks like a prison shot, but it's Chuck helping me move a cement bench to the backyard.

This hardy fellow comes back ever year and spreads over one of my hills.  

The gorgeous Pas de Chat AKA Pawdee enjoying the day with me.

Hope you all are have a marvelous day, whatever you are doing!