Sunday, June 23, 2013

Me Lucky Charms

My Chuck bought me these turquoise beads for my 50th birthday in April and I've been wearing them almost daily.  I call them my lucky charms.  People seem to react to them (not to mention, I've been asked out).

He bought them on our HD ride to Bisbee in a gorgeous little shop called Arlene's in Tombstone, AZ.  The turquoise was mined in Globe, AZ....the Sleeping Beauty Mine.

Did you know that it's believed turquoise strengthens the organs, cools emotions and enhances psychic abilities and intuition?

I'm starting to be a believer.

I know that they help cool a hot-flashing mama.

Another interesting tid-bit....Turquoise is formed in arid climates when groundwater percolates through rocks that contain copper.  No wonder it has been a treasure of the Native Americans here in the Southwest.  

I have lived in Arizona for 37 years and it has taken me this long to appreciate this gift of nature.  Lately I have been loving all hues of turquoise and enjoying the cooling effect of the stones against my skin.

Update on our forest fire:  40% contained, no homes have burned.  Rain Dance Please!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"She Ran Calling Wildfire"

A terrible event today in my small town....
Still not under control as of tonight.
So far over 6000 acres have burned.
Hundreds of homes have been evacuated.
Many of the people in this area have horses or other livestock.  The rodeo grounds have kindly offered their help as a safe place for animals.
The fire was started near the base of Granite Mountain, a nature preserve with many hiking trails.  Speculation that it was likely caused by man.
Planes have been flying over all day dumping fire repellent.
Over 200 firefighters are on the ground.
Most of these photos are from the Prescott Daily Courier submitted by local residents.

The fire is about 8 miles from my house.  This is looking over the next hill in my neighborhood.

I'm telling you, it is dry here.  We haven't had rain since January.  The trees are crispy and brittle.

Motor & Joey are as content as ever, not aware of the danger outside.  I keep thinking about all the people so close to the fire and how afraid they must be.  I can't imagine losing my home or pets.  I will be checking on volunteering my help somehow tomorrow.
           Wildfire by Michael Murphy 1970's

Monday, June 17, 2013

"The Man Who Sold The World"

 A day trip to Apache Junction, AZ for Father's Day.  Dad was so appreciative and it was a fun time.

 HOT, 107 degrees...but they say it's a dry heat.

By the end of the day, I realized we hadn't taken any photos together and most of the family had already left.  Here is my Princess Jennie, Dad (Owl), and me.  Just before this we were laughing and pointing to David's penis (see him peeking out behind me).

The giant cactus in his yard.

Behind the cactus is a wheel barrel graveyard waiting to be painted by dad as in a previous post.

Amateur Outlaws painted by OWL a band who consigned this painting.

Here are some clever things he painted that I am going to put in my booth for sale.

But the best thing I brought home...his paint palette.
A work of art on it's own.
What does the video have to do with this post?  Nothing, but I heard it on the radio driving home and remembered liking this song.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weird Science

Buying weird things...that's what I've been doing.
Since I've been home, my town had their annual event "Antiques On The Square".  I don't know what possessed me to buy some of these things.
My inventory has been getting low so I guess it was a panic buying spree.
I do like the PORKY PIG planter.
And western stuff always seem to do well in our area since we are in the old west.  Funny but the vintage "Paint by Numbers" are sort of hot.  I remember as a little girl, for Christmas, we always received one to paint.  I can vividly remember the oil paint smell.
Oh and I couldn't pass up this 1962 Barbie case.
My babies missed me so much!  They acted as if no one fed them while I was gone.  Here I'm trying a sweet pea plant as a new treat.  We had lots of good loving time together and I'm so happy to be home.
All of you English girls with your fabulous gardens, rain and green is a sample of our landscape.  This flowering cactus appeared on it's own.  I'm really jealous of the other bloggers with their green lands and flowers.  It's too dry here where I live.  But I must accept my fate as I have made a life and family in Arizona.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Yeah they're out there a 'havin' fun In that warm California sun

We drove the coast highway from San Francisco to Santa Barbara.  A two day adventure.
Here we are and it was hot outside.
Point Joe in Monterey, Ca was the site of many shipwrecks when the Spaniards tried to land. You can see why with all of these rocks.

There are many Missions to visit.

And after all that we need wine.
The one antique store Jill "let" me go into had a giant Art Deco piece I would love to have.
I was also loving this deco stand.
The beach in Santa Barbara has a lot of seaweed which I detest.  Not another sole on this beach enjoying the sun.  Only a few surfers.

People in Santa Barbara are rich, skinny and probably boring.
In the Big Sur area an awesome wooden sculpture.
Part of our drive was through the giant redwood forrest.

The coast line is amazing in it's diversity....ocean, forrest, farm lands with rolling hills, vineyards, etc.....

We stayed in Santa Barbara 5 days.  By this time I was getting homesick especially after spotting these fellows at a fresh produce market.

I don't have photos of everything we did.  A few things to mention...all the wine tasting FUN!  Carmel a great town to visit.

All in all it was a great adventure over 2000 miles by car.

But in the end.....THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!