Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party 30

Last night we had a party for our oldest son who turned 30.  The poor kid was born too close to Christmas and growing up never really had a birthday party other than our family.  Friends were usually out of town on Christmas break.

Luckily this party was a huge success.  I get so nervous before any event, I make myself sick with anxiety.  

I wanted this year to be special, not only to celebrate his turning 30, but because of several personal sufferings that occurred.

Since we were inviting so many people, a restaurant with full bar was in order. I choose our local Indian restaurant because I love their food, the atmosphere is cozy and dimly lit.  We had the bar area where we could have a band and dancing.  Believe me, I danced like a fool most of the night.

A few pages out of the photo book that I made him.

But what made the party so special was seeing his friends from childhood, high school and college.  These guys and girls brought back so many memories!


Here I was going to write some memories, but it just started sounding like a creepy old lady.  Maybe another time.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Holiday

The second part of the month has been a whirlwind of activities.

Went to 2 "End of The World" parties, but alas.......

Attended an awesome party where my son played.  Great food & fun!

Younger brother got hitched.  Isn't he handsome?

I found these adorable photos of little Chuckles....

so I made him a memory book

for the man who has everything!

Sleeping beauty came home from college.    
It's been cold & miserable.

Goat fashion
Hubby had me convinced he wrapped this beautiful snakeskin package for me......
When he confessed he paid someone at the mall, I made him take a pic with the bows.  Maybe a new trend for shaved heads?
Had time for a few cozy fires....
Lovely flowers from Gabe & Becky....
My yearly supply of Chanel & a Michael Kors raspberry purse which was wrapped in the beautiful box......

Here's to another great year!

Friday, December 14, 2012

1937 MARCOS A Mountain Boy of Mexico

I bought the book MARCOS approximately 15 years ago from a book store that was having a close out sale.  Originally I purchased it for resale, but I never can part with MARCOS.  It's one of those books that yanks at my heart.  First Edition with a copyright of 1937 with lithograph illustrations.  It is a children's book with 80 pages.

Marcos is a poor boy living in the mountains of Mexico.    The family is struggling for basic needs and Marcos sets out for the city of Oaxaca to find work.  

Along the way he trades small chores for food and a place to sleep.

His goal is to raise enough money to buy oxen and a plow for his family.
Marcos has many adventures on his way to the big city and when he enters Oaxaca.

  Near the end, he meets a man who is a weaver and hires Marcos as an apprentice to learn the trade.  Marcos ask "How long will it take me to earn oxen and a plow?".  The man answers "3 years".    This just kills me.....the sweetness of a boy wanting to work and helping out his family.

I'm hoping one day to read this book to my grandchildren, if I ever have any!


A tragic day in Connecticut!  My heart goes out to all the families affected by this terrible ordeal.  Give your children an extra hug everyday.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Great Goat Escape

Joey ventured into the pen with me today, sniffing around the goat house.

Getting to know each's only been a week and a half since the new ones arrived.
All went well for a while, then Ciggie did a head butt to Joey and I came to the rescue.

A storms a coming and I have spent hours preparing the goat pen for rain or snow.  Ciggie escaped while I was trying to juggle camera, rake and leaves.  I shook the Cheerios box and when he got closer, I just picked him up to put him back in the pen.  My goat babies love leaves more than anything, so several times a day I rake up different varieties from around the yard.  We won't have all of our fencing up until after the holidays.

What does this goat mama wear to do her chores?  UGG slippers.  They are fur lined and  warm.  No longer will they be worn in the house....goat poop you know!  Guess I better get some decent farming boots soon.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tressie's Hutch

I have a large collection of antique books and I have been displaying them in my Great-Grandmother's hutch.  Her name was Tressie and I can remember her Victorian House in Pennsylvania, where she used this as her china cabinet.  

Back in the late 1960's when I was a little girl, Tressie still looked like a Victorian woman with her hair always worn in a bun, long black dress, button-up shoes and small wire rimmed eyeglasses before they were fashionable.  After she passed away, my mother inherited the cabinet.  Growing up, wherever we lived this was our china cabinet.  It has a nice smell inside...sort of a mix of pepper and spices.  I just stuck my head in as far as I could to get a whiff to try and describe the smell.  It has even been repainted inside, but I can still smell the secret hutch perfume.

I obtained the hutch approximately 9 years ago when my sister moved to my town and it was too large for her apartment.  I suggested that I would be willing to trade my antique bookcase for Great-Grandma's cabinet until she had a place large enough.  This worked out great for me.  I have moved it around to different rooms, displayed everything from Metlox Poppycock dishes, Watt Pottery and my book collection.....because I'm the type of person who enjoys making more work for herself for the love of display.

Well, the time has come and my sister is taking the hutch back!  Sunday we are trading back our pieces and I am sad.  I didn't really think anything about it until I started emptying my stuff and smelling that smell.  Old hutch, I'm going to miss you.

I was originally going to talk about the antique children's books in this post, but it will have to wait because I'm having separation anxiety.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Goats Have Arrived!

How do people take photos of themselves?
Getting to know Motor.

Welcome Rowland & Ciggy!

They love Cheerios

Look at these brilliant mountain goats!

Joey the cat investigating....

Uh Oh!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Artificial vs Real

I've got to say, I love this time of year.  Making a cozy fire, turning on the Christmas tree lights, the good food and Christmas movies.

I bought a roll of vintage wrapping paper that had never been used....

My daughter made the bow using the paper.    I  thought it was so clever....

and I like how it blends with my ornaments.

This is my first white tree.  I added blues, greens and  a coppery brown.    My old tree is a "Dickens" old fashioned style.  I needed a change.  I do love a real Christmas tree, but I find that they dry out too fast here in Arizona.  As a child we always had a fresh one and it was hard at first to give in to the artificial trees.  I kept thinking my family would probably disown me if they knew.  But at least I don't have the nasty pine needles all over my floor.  If only I could have the fresh pine scent!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Goats, Art, Family and Friends

A glorious fun filled 4 days of having all my children home for Thanksgiving!  The meal went off without a hitch.  The boys brought their girlfriends & spent the evening playing card games.  The following day, we went for a hike in the woods & that evening out to dinner for my second son's birthday.  Caught a glimpse of the Christmas Light Parade.  All in all a great time!

These 2 cuties are going to be the newest edition to our family!  We went out for a visit after being informed these 2 boys were available.  I have always wanted goats & after checking with the city codes, we are allowed to have 2 goats since we have almost an acre.
So excited, this will help with the empty nest syndrome!  My 2 new babies!

My artist friend Jim had an open house at his glass blowing studio......
I love this glass eye....

Jim has lots of cool stuff in his studio....

His vintage BMW police bike....

These glass peppers are adorable .......

After watching the whole process, I am so impressed & have a greater appreciation for the glassmaking business.................

It's a devilish HOT business!