Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Great Goat Escape

Joey ventured into the pen with me today, sniffing around the goat house.

Getting to know each's only been a week and a half since the new ones arrived.
All went well for a while, then Ciggie did a head butt to Joey and I came to the rescue.

A storms a coming and I have spent hours preparing the goat pen for rain or snow.  Ciggie escaped while I was trying to juggle camera, rake and leaves.  I shook the Cheerios box and when he got closer, I just picked him up to put him back in the pen.  My goat babies love leaves more than anything, so several times a day I rake up different varieties from around the yard.  We won't have all of our fencing up until after the holidays.

What does this goat mama wear to do her chores?  UGG slippers.  They are fur lined and  warm.  No longer will they be worn in the house....goat poop you know!  Guess I better get some decent farming boots soon.