Sunday, December 30, 2012

Party 30

Last night we had a party for our oldest son who turned 30.  The poor kid was born too close to Christmas and growing up never really had a birthday party other than our family.  Friends were usually out of town on Christmas break.

Luckily this party was a huge success.  I get so nervous before any event, I make myself sick with anxiety.  

I wanted this year to be special, not only to celebrate his turning 30, but because of several personal sufferings that occurred.

Since we were inviting so many people, a restaurant with full bar was in order. I choose our local Indian restaurant because I love their food, the atmosphere is cozy and dimly lit.  We had the bar area where we could have a band and dancing.  Believe me, I danced like a fool most of the night.

A few pages out of the photo book that I made him.

But what made the party so special was seeing his friends from childhood, high school and college.  These guys and girls brought back so many memories!


Here I was going to write some memories, but it just started sounding like a creepy old lady.  Maybe another time.