Friday, December 14, 2012

1937 MARCOS A Mountain Boy of Mexico

I bought the book MARCOS approximately 15 years ago from a book store that was having a close out sale.  Originally I purchased it for resale, but I never can part with MARCOS.  It's one of those books that yanks at my heart.  First Edition with a copyright of 1937 with lithograph illustrations.  It is a children's book with 80 pages.

Marcos is a poor boy living in the mountains of Mexico.    The family is struggling for basic needs and Marcos sets out for the city of Oaxaca to find work.  

Along the way he trades small chores for food and a place to sleep.

His goal is to raise enough money to buy oxen and a plow for his family.
Marcos has many adventures on his way to the big city and when he enters Oaxaca.

  Near the end, he meets a man who is a weaver and hires Marcos as an apprentice to learn the trade.  Marcos ask "How long will it take me to earn oxen and a plow?".  The man answers "3 years".    This just kills me.....the sweetness of a boy wanting to work and helping out his family.

I'm hoping one day to read this book to my grandchildren, if I ever have any!


A tragic day in Connecticut!  My heart goes out to all the families affected by this terrible ordeal.  Give your children an extra hug everyday.