Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Artificial vs Real

I've got to say, I love this time of year.  Making a cozy fire, turning on the Christmas tree lights, the good food and Christmas movies.

I bought a roll of vintage wrapping paper that had never been used....

My daughter made the bow using the paper.    I  thought it was so clever....

and I like how it blends with my ornaments.

This is my first white tree.  I added blues, greens and  a coppery brown.    My old tree is a "Dickens" old fashioned style.  I needed a change.  I do love a real Christmas tree, but I find that they dry out too fast here in Arizona.  As a child we always had a fresh one and it was hard at first to give in to the artificial trees.  I kept thinking my family would probably disown me if they knew.  But at least I don't have the nasty pine needles all over my floor.  If only I could have the fresh pine scent!