Monday, November 5, 2012

Eddie Vedder Concert

Well, I got to see my boyfriend in concert last night!  This is a solo tour with Eddie on stage with just acoustic guitars, ukuleles, his beautiful deep voice, no frills stripped down to the bare bones best concert I have ever been to.  The soul and emotional feelings he puts into his music is beyond words!  
Now I need to bitch and vent a little.  Maybe it's my age or maybe I'm a bitch, but the people at the concert were very annoying!  The drunks next to me came in late (so they blocked my view), got up 5 times to get refills (blocking my view again) and when they had to go to the bathroom I yelled at them to enter at the other end of the row next time (plus a few cuss words).  The people in the row in front of me were giant tall and they also were up several times getting more beer.  In the audience, I think some left over Pearl Jam fans thought their voices wanted to be heard over Eddie.  When I purchased my tickets I thought they were going to be pretty good seats in the clubhouse level, but I was wrong.  
Here is a not good at all photo (none of my photos turned out) of an encore song performed with Glen Hansard.

Funny things that happened after the concert:  Couldn't find my car in the parking garage......then figured out we were in the wrong garage.   Stopped at a convenience store in downtown Phoenix to get my daughter munchies for the trip home........looked like a murder had just taken place......cops, bums, etc......we were dressed up & mistaken for hookers.

Check this event off my bucket list!