Wednesday, November 21, 2012

OWL the Artist

Owl is my Dad's nickname.  I had a wonderful 4 days with him & wanted to share some of his artwork.

                                 This is a block wall in his backyard in Apache Junction, AZ.

Dad painted this mural approximately 15 years ago & it has faded a bit in the Arizona sun.  But I think it adds character.

                He's a clever guy....painted cliff dwellings & western scenes in old wheel barrels.

An artist thinks of all kinds of colorful items.  Here is his brick driveway he designed with a Thunderbird in the center.  It never occurred to me before.....he lives on Thunderbird Drive.

Old OWL singing "Ruby" karaoke at the casino this past weekend.  I couldn't believe we talked him into it!  He calls himself an old hippie.  You can't tell, but he has a long ponytail hanging down his back.  After I took this photo, I got in trouble by the security of the casino.  I guess you aren't allowed to take pictures of anyone!  Who knew.  I don't gamble too often.  I have to say though, it was fun sitting next to him at the poker machines.  Dad hit $500.00 on this night!  I think I broke even.

Last year, Dad had a quadruple bypass, a ruptured aorta & had his arteries in his legs cleaned out.  It was a rough year.  Also, he has glaucoma which led to our weekend together.  Unable to drive anymore, he asked me to take him to an induction ceremony in Henderson, NV for his brother who passed away.  Uncle Dave was a Vietnam veteran with over 100 combat missions, U-2 pilot for a variety of test programs, Lockheed test pilot, etc....... He was honored with being buried in Arlington, Virginia cemetery.

Dad & I stayed in a fantastic luxury hotel, gambled a bit & had lots of time to chat on our long drive.
I took him home on Sunday & we spent the evening watching the Steelers play (loose) a football game.

I'm thankful Dad asked me to take him on this trip & for the time we spent together.  It's a wake up call to make an honest effort to see him more often.