Thursday, November 15, 2012

1969 VOGUE Brings Memories

Cute Outfits


Looks like today's kids

Mrs. Nixon

A young Maria Shriver

I wasted a lot of time today looking through this 1969 Vogue.  The model on the cover reminds me of my friend Christine's mom in the early 70's.  I thought she was the perfect mother always with her hair done up, giving piano lessons in their perfect house.  I even remember her vacuuming in her gorgeous clothing.  She would send us to the basement & lock the door when she had a lesson.  I loved it though, because their house was like a castle to me with a stone circular tower in the center.  The tower extended into the basement, where the girls had a playhouse.

 It was probably the first time I had ever had real fudge, made with real butter.  Christine kept saying "Isn't this the best fudge?  The secret is to use real butter."  I really almost couldn't eat it because of the richness.  I seriously never had food like that at home.

 My life was completely different from Christine's.  Where she only had 1 sibling, I had seven.  Our house was probably 1/4 the size of theirs.  A room of my own....never!  New clothes to wear, no...only hand-me-downs.  A mother who looked like she belonged on a magazine cover....I don't think so!  I remember looking into my moms closet and she only had 3 dresses.  One of them being a maternity dress.

 Both of our dads worked for the same publishing company and both were handsome men.  I think my dad may have even had a higher position.   Why was her life so picture book perfect and mine was the struggling, crowded, under-fed household?

I'm really not complaining.  I am grateful and happy for the times I got to spend the night at Christine's house.  The memories are vividly burned into my brain.  Mrs. O, I think you were the woman I aspired to be.