Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weird Science

Buying weird things...that's what I've been doing.
Since I've been home, my town had their annual event "Antiques On The Square".  I don't know what possessed me to buy some of these things.
My inventory has been getting low so I guess it was a panic buying spree.
I do like the PORKY PIG planter.
And western stuff always seem to do well in our area since we are in the old west.  Funny but the vintage "Paint by Numbers" are sort of hot.  I remember as a little girl, for Christmas, we always received one to paint.  I can vividly remember the oil paint smell.
Oh and I couldn't pass up this 1962 Barbie case.
My babies missed me so much!  They acted as if no one fed them while I was gone.  Here I'm trying a sweet pea plant as a new treat.  We had lots of good loving time together and I'm so happy to be home.
All of you English girls with your fabulous gardens, rain and green is a sample of our landscape.  This flowering cactus appeared on it's own.  I'm really jealous of the other bloggers with their green lands and flowers.  It's too dry here where I live.  But I must accept my fate as I have made a life and family in Arizona.