Sunday, June 23, 2013

Me Lucky Charms

My Chuck bought me these turquoise beads for my 50th birthday in April and I've been wearing them almost daily.  I call them my lucky charms.  People seem to react to them (not to mention, I've been asked out).

He bought them on our HD ride to Bisbee in a gorgeous little shop called Arlene's in Tombstone, AZ.  The turquoise was mined in Globe, AZ....the Sleeping Beauty Mine.

Did you know that it's believed turquoise strengthens the organs, cools emotions and enhances psychic abilities and intuition?

I'm starting to be a believer.

I know that they help cool a hot-flashing mama.

Another interesting tid-bit....Turquoise is formed in arid climates when groundwater percolates through rocks that contain copper.  No wonder it has been a treasure of the Native Americans here in the Southwest.  

I have lived in Arizona for 37 years and it has taken me this long to appreciate this gift of nature.  Lately I have been loving all hues of turquoise and enjoying the cooling effect of the stones against my skin.

Update on our forest fire:  40% contained, no homes have burned.  Rain Dance Please!!!