Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"She Ran Calling Wildfire"

A terrible event today in my small town....
Still not under control as of tonight.
So far over 6000 acres have burned.
Hundreds of homes have been evacuated.
Many of the people in this area have horses or other livestock.  The rodeo grounds have kindly offered their help as a safe place for animals.
The fire was started near the base of Granite Mountain, a nature preserve with many hiking trails.  Speculation that it was likely caused by man.
Planes have been flying over all day dumping fire repellent.
Over 200 firefighters are on the ground.
Most of these photos are from the Prescott Daily Courier submitted by local residents.

The fire is about 8 miles from my house.  This is looking over the next hill in my neighborhood.

I'm telling you, it is dry here.  We haven't had rain since January.  The trees are crispy and brittle.

Motor & Joey are as content as ever, not aware of the danger outside.  I keep thinking about all the people so close to the fire and how afraid they must be.  I can't imagine losing my home or pets.  I will be checking on volunteering my help somehow tomorrow.
           Wildfire by Michael Murphy 1970's