Monday, May 6, 2013

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Do you ever have those kind of days when you just piddle around the house and yard not really accomplishing anything?  Well that's me today.  So I was just walking around thinking about how things come and go in my house (for resale) but many items are here for the long-haul.....
 I use these dog doorstops everyday, propping the door so the cats can go in and out.

My favorite mesh and beaded bags, I love the Deco Era!

 Henri G. Reynard Litho

Art Deco bookend, I only have one. 

Maxfield Parrish Litho "Garden of Allah" 

Unique Oriental box

Buddha, barber bottle, snuff bottle, etc.

Weller vase, Owl shot glass, the lady is a figural gas cap!

This sculpted African head is one of my most favorite things.   Inspiration for my living room.

I spent hours outside walking around with the goats, then reading a book.

We had the fencing put in around the back the goats have 1/2 acre for browsing. 

I have the cutest yard boys!

Looks like a prison shot, but it's Chuck helping me move a cement bench to the backyard.

This hardy fellow comes back ever year and spreads over one of my hills.  

The gorgeous Pas de Chat AKA Pawdee enjoying the day with me.

Hope you all are have a marvelous day, whatever you are doing!