Thursday, May 30, 2013

Everything Is Here

San Francisco here we come!

First stop Fisherman's Wharf. 

San Fran is known for it's clam chowder bread bowls.
I had a delicious bloody mary to go with this meal.

We checked in to our hotel and this is looking down from the 20 floor.  The building across the street is The Sir Francis Drake Hotel, very fancy.

Built in the 1920's

We headed out to explore.  There are lots of beautiful shops.
I love this lamp.

It reminded me of being in New York City, but with the hillier streets.

Impressive Chinese architecture everywhere.

Old Cathedral from the 1800's

Wonderful market places.

Coffee break on the pier and sampling cheese.  No wonder I was constipated.

Original area with speakeasies, brothels, etc...

Now for the ultimate Italian dinner at E Tutto Qua (Everything is Here).  Appetizer Sea Scallops in a truffle sauce.  OH MY!  Sea Bass Entre'

So much fun!  I wish we had more time in San Francisco.  I would love to come back sometime, bring a truck to load up on gorgeous things.  I probably only explored 1/16th of the city.  People were so friendly and so many beautiful interesting things to see!!!

Next stop the Northern California Coast Line, Redwood Forrest, Wine Country.