Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

Colorado was even more beautiful than I imagined.  The river flowing through every town.  Rich green color and a cool pine smell.  Tunnels dug through mountains.  

We spent the night in Georgetown.  Chuck really had his heart set on staying there and I have been hearing about how he loves this town for 24 years.  When we arrived, it was already dark but I could tell I was going to love it also from just the smell in the air.  

A cantina was open so we had a few cocktails and dinner.  The atmosphere was friendly and fun...but unfortunately the menu was "Mexican" which actually had a weird Colorado twist to the recipes.  Coming from Arizona, I don't think I would call it Mexican food but more like hippies trying to be creative.

There are only 3 hotels in the town.  The only one with a vacancy was a total dive.  Oh well, we were so tired it didn't really matter.  It was nice to sleep with a window open and smell the pine trees.

In the morning, I step outside and I'm blown away by the scenery.  Straight ahead was the largest mountain I have seen.  The town sits at the base and I didn't realize just how tall that mountain was.  The houses and buildings were built in the late 1800's.  Every yard was so pretty and the stream wove throughout.  

I can see why Chuck wanted to stay in Georgetown.  Wish we had more time to explore, but our destination was calling.