Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amana Colonies

By far The Amana Colonies was one of my favorite areas to visit in Iowa.  It was founded in the 1860's by German immigrants who had a great concept.  Every family was given a house, meals were provided in a community kitchen, textiles were made in the weaving mill, etc.....  Everyone worked either on the farms, schools, churches, mill or furniture factory.  Everything was provided for everyone.  They would send a few young men to college to become doctors or businessmen.  During the depression, times were tough and they restructured the colonies.  Some of the younger generations wanted to make money and this was the start of their changes.  

The town is so quaint with old brick buildings and beautiful tree lined streets.  I noticed most of the buildings have trellises with grape vines growing.  There are antique stores, German family style restaurants, the hand made furniture/clock shop, tours of the mill, brewery and nice little boutiques.  I was impressed with the modern style of clothing and art in the shops.  

We had two great days enjoying Amana.  Someday I would love to go back.