Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Serenade

Tonight I feel full of gratitude for the little things.  As I sit here typing I am serenaded by one of my son's bands, practicing in our garage for an upcoming gig.  My heart wants to burst with the pleasure music brings.  I am so proud of these young musicians with their talent and dedication to music.  A little bit envious also, wishing I could play or sing.

I'm grateful to my husband for picking up pizza and wings for these guys, since I worked today.  It was nice to come home and just relax.

I'm so happy to live in our little town with our nice weather.

And I love Thursday nights because Project Runway is on.

The above photo is from my trip to NYC in June.  I wanted to post these beautiful dresses because I am in the Project Runway mood.

Young men practicing in my garage.