Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crossing The Missouri River

Once you cross the Missouri River which separates Nebraska from Iowa, the landscape becomes rolling hills with pretty farms.  Welcome to IOWA our destination.  We stopped for gas at a "KUM & GO"....hilarious name I thought!

Our goal was to reach Des Moines but it was another 3 hours drive.  We found a small town   with 2 hotels.  Again, another dump.  But we were able to laugh about our room with an ancient AC, no towel racks and a spider in the toilet.  

You've got to remember, I've been hearing about how good Iowa food is for the past 25 years.  So I was excited to have and ready for this meal.  The first indicator should have been that the place was empty.  Second one look at the salad bar, you could tell it had been sitting out all day.  I ordered steak, mashed potatoes and gravy.  I love food and especially mashed potatoes....I took one bite and yuck!  I couldn't eat them.  The steak was just alright.  Nothing to brag about.  Iowa is known for their corn fed beef, so what happened here?  Since I didn't eat much of the dinner I thought maybe I'll have a piece of the homemade pie announced on a large sign.  Big mistake!  Horrible!  Even the color looked off.  I pushed it away and look over at Chuck.  He's eating his piece with a cup of coffee that smelled old and burnt.  He said he was eating it to be polite.  We laughed about banana cream pie throughout the trip and don't think we will ever be able to eat it again.