Saturday, September 15, 2012

Little Bit of Colorado

A relaxing morning after we left Georgetown, Co.  Chuck wanted to show me the town of Evergreen and he was excited to find the "Little Bear", a saloon with wild memories for him.  We sat outside on the beautiful street covered sidewalk having our coffee.  No hurry here!  I think we could have stayed all day.  Wonderful views of the mountains and trees.  Fresh cool pine scented air.  

The bad boys made it 700 miles so far being hauled up mountains, through tunnels and winding curves.  The trailer wasn't so lucky.  During the night trying to park in the narrow hotel parking lot, we literally were stuck.  Chuck hit a pole and dented the fender!  The desk clerk came out to help us get "unstuck".  Oh well, not going to let this ruin our day.