Sunday, August 26, 2012

Navajo Reservation, Monument Valley, Utah

Continuation of "Day 1" blog post:

We headed north towards Tuba City and into a huge section of the Navajo Reservation. There are many road side stands set up selling jewelry. Not really my scene. But I was intrigued with the unusual rock formations. Chuck thought they looked like prehistoric giant ant hills. I was driving so I didn't get a photo. This will be an interesting area to look into when we get back. As we approached Monument Valley, the formations can be seen from different angles with each being their own fascinating wonderment. Into Utah is a beautiful twisting river and colorful canyons. We ate a late lunch in a small town by the river. I noticed there were river boat tours, cute little cabins and zip lines. I think this would be a fun place to come back to in the future.