Monday, February 18, 2013

Javalina Makes A Nice Pair of Leather Gloves

According to Wikipedia.....

 Javelina or Peccary have soft and supple skin perfect for making leather gloves!  I wouldn't want to find out.  This herd was in my yard.  They seem to come out searching for food when the weather is going to be bad.  I am hoping for spring, but the weather man say's we might get another storm.

Usually the Javelina are right!

These pictures are bad because I'm taking them from inside the house with my phone.   The camera wasn't near and I didn't want to miss out.
I'm afraid of these guys, but can't resist spying on them.

Peccaries are omnivores (just found that tidbit out on Wiki).
They will eat small animals....did not know!
Thought they were vegetarians.

Chuckles we need to put the fencing up soon!

Sometimes if you go outside late at night, say to smoke or something you might here a grunting pig-like sound.  Or you might smell a skunk, but's a Javelina.