Monday, February 11, 2013

Food is Love

So, the princess has been home from college all week because she has been sick and couldn't take care of herself...ha ha.  I rushed right up and brought her home.
Here's a photo of us when we were well and happy in NYC.
We've had another snow storm and have been lounging in pajamas or muumuu's (my favorite home attire).  Lot's of home cooking for all the sickies.
Google Eyed Vintage Valentines from my hubby a few years ago.  The arms, legs and eyes move.  I keep them in my favorite antique pigskin boxes.  The scarf underneath is the only vintage find from this weeks thrift's a VERA.
I bought 16 of these antique open salts from Czechoslovakia a few years ago at an estate sale.  I forgot about them, boxed them up for the future.  I pulled them out to sell on use having things stored away if I'm not going to use them.

Experimenting with different treats for the goats.  Here's a happy one after his first carrot.

Pear, Blue Cheese Pizza

Lemon, Caper and White Bean Pasta

Alpine Mushroom Pasta

Food is Love!