Thursday, February 14, 2013

Born In New York City Moved To Arizona

Today I'm honoring my husband.
I told Chuck I was going to blog about him for Valentines Day.
He just laughed.
No insincere card bought.  Just thought I'd mention somethings I like or love about him.
Of course I love riding with you.

Not so sure I would say I like or love your collections, but I can appreciate it.

I love how versatile your facial and head hair has been throughout the years.

Love the tattoo!

I'll always remember our trip to Colorado.

So today I made you one of your favorites, Shrimp Creole even though I don't care for shrimp too that's love.

I love our common interest in music, the new tunes you have introduced me to and the beautiful children you have given me.

Your love of food and travel.......

All the stories, adventures......our life has been good!

Chuck, Chuckles, Old Man, Old are my best friend.