Monday, October 8, 2012

Wine Feast

My 2 oldest sons and their girlfriends came home this past weekend.  I took this opportunity to have a wine and antipasto dinner.  We bought a variety of wine from our trip to Iowa and I wanted to share this delicious red variety with people who I knew would appreciate good vino.  I sent Chuck to the store to buy all the food for the antipasto since he is the true Italian who grew up with these foods.  He loves to put together trays of olives, meats and cheeses.  He wraps the prosciutto around breadsticks, cuts the cheese just so and makes sure we have melons which compliment all the other foods.  Afterwards coffee and biscotti.  The problem we both seem to be having.......making too much food.  It was like we were having a party for 30 or more!  There are so many leftovers, it's not going to be a healthy week for us.  Our 2 youngest (20 & 17 year olds) are so busy with their own lives.  Our daughter is in college and coming home less times than before.  Our youngest son who is a senior in high school is in several bands and always busy with practice or gigs.   The adjustment to the change in our lives has been a little difficult.  I find myself still making huge dinners, that means lots of leftovers which we never seem to be able to finish.  Note to self:  START MAKING SMALLER MEALS.