Monday, July 15, 2013

1950's Romance, True Confessions, Secrets.........

While working on my booth recently,  I spotted this painting in my friend Linda's booth.  Something about it captured my attention, maybe the colors.  Linda gave it to me as I had just given her a hat and scarf that I have had a long time.  I was sick of looking at them in my booth and she sells mostly vintage clothing items.  I was very happy with the trade off.

And THEN on a random trip to Cottonwood, AZ I scored on 19 vintage romance magazines all from the 1950's.

I was looking through the pile drooling when the shop owner told me how ladies have been coming in and buying one or two and how fun they are to read.  So I bought the whole pile before anyone else could have them.  She looked at me like I was crazy.

I've started reading one called LIFE ROMANCES dated 1952 with articles titled:  I MARRIED A GANGSTER, LOVE-STARVED WIDOW, WE FLED IN SHAME, SHOULD YOU DATE YOUR BOSS, HOW TO KEEP YOUR HUSBAND FAITHFUL, etc..............

Very entertaining reading and the ads are crazy.

These magazines are making me have butterflies in my stomach.  It's like getting a collection of vintage dresses!
Going into the antique store

Here's another cute purchase my daughter claimed.

These items were bought at an estate sale along with some vintage clothes and hats I will show in another post.

The week before, we took a trip to Pasadena, California to get my son set up for college.  He will be attending the LA Music Academy for Music Professionals.  Pasadena is a pretty city with-in the Los Angeles area.
The boy was in bass heaven.

We found great restaurants and mostly had sushi or fish.  My theory is to eat fish when I'm near the ocean and not in the middle of the desert where we live.

Our main purpose of the trip was to find him housing.  We finally found an apartment.  This is the view down the street.  I'm very happy with the location and he can walk 4 blocks to the school.  Seems like a safe neighborhood.

A little bit of craziness going on in the hotel room.

Since we've been back home...thank you Mother Nature for the beginnings of the Monsoon rains!  It starts with torment...a few rain drops that do nothing for the dry forrest.  A few days of this.  Then hurricane like winds with huge downpours.  Finally some decent rain.  My grandma used to say "Arizona is the only place I know that it can rain and still have sunshine".  It's true.  You can have rain in one part of your yard and maybe an area where it's not.

Thank you for all your concern about our fire and lost firefighters.  The fire was totally contained and the town has had memorial services.  Now to rebuild lives and the homes lost.  Many activities and fund raisers have been happening. Our town really pulled together.