Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Shopping Schnauzer

While working on my booth today, this cute little schnauzer was being pushed around in a cart by his parents.  I talked with them for awhile and asked if I could take a picture of him.   They were the nicest older couple and spoil him just like I do my pets.  I forgot I had my camera with me and took this with my iPhone, so his eyes look creepy...oops!
The antique mall I'm in is pet friendly.  We get to see a lot of cute pets.
I cleaned, rearranged and brought in new purchases.  My space was long over due for an over-haul as I wasn't able to get in there for a month.  I usually work on it at least once or twice a week.

Some of the items you might recognize from my trips to Iowa and New York.

Probably my favorite thing in this photo is the pink cake carrier.

I have some cool vintage nylons in the original box in this cabinet.

An interesting item in this cabinet is the SOUTHERN COMFORT bar blender on the bottom shelf.

Yes, I emptied every one of these cases and cleaned all the glass.  I had a real mess going on until I put everything back.  But that's the fun part to rearrange.

This china cabinet has the original curved glass.
A favorite item among the younger crowd, PABST.

Another few hours tomorrow and I should have it back in order.

Later I will post a photo of a sterling chatelaine I brought home to put on ebay this week. Trust me it's incredible.