Thursday, April 18, 2013

Patched Jeans 1973

My sisters patched jeans from 1973.

I remember these patches and fabric.

Always the rebel, hippie wearing the ONE WAY JESUS patch on her ass!

Oh, Dad didn't like it.  But I found this photo in his magazine (the one I posted yesterday).  Obviously, he and the same photographer must have thought my sister jeans were worth publishing.

The poem reads:

"lots of people
puttin' Jesus on their
instead of in their
they don't love him
they just wear him"
Stephen R. Clark

During this time, I was 10 and she would have been 13 or 14.  She was my idol wearing hip-huggers and halter tops.  Big belts, Jesus sandals, headbands and flowing bright dresses.

 Burning incense in her bedroom, listening to albums such as THE EDGAR WINTER BAND, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS, OSARK MOUNTAIN DAREDEVILS, ALICE COOPER,  BLACK OAK ARKANSAS, etc.....  I would sneak into her room when she was gone, listen to the records over and over.  Studying the words and pictures on the covers.

I remember she would iron her hair on the ironing board because she wanted straight long hair like Cher.  I copied her, ironing my hair when I didn't need it.  I always had straight hair, but I wanted to be like her.

 I remember the cute boys who would come over to see her and I would always try to spy on them.

 One time when a group of her friends spent the night, I watched them drink pickle juice trying to get drunk!  Of course my parents never had alcohol in their house.

What about the time she ran away from home to follow the Carnies who were just in town?  She almost made it to Chicago!

How did she get away with all of this seeing how our parents were strict Christians?
They were always mad at her.  She would sass them back, but mostly she was always spending the night at a friends house.  That's how she got away with her actions.  I remember one time mom trying to discipline her and as she tried to just walk away, mom ripped the shirt off her back!

When we were older, probably in our 30's or so, I mentioned to her that she was my idol when we were kids.  She said "I don't even remember anything about you"!

What a bitch!